Hi, my name is Sue Curtis and this is my blog. Okay, that’s pretty evident, huh?! I’ve been writing a newspaper column for almost ten years and decided 2020 – during the pandemic – was a perfect time to go digital.

            My column, and this blog, is mostly about my life and the adventures and misadventures I have as an older (but not “old”) wife and mother, retired from my first career and now working on my second act, living in the Midwest, and experiencing all kinds of disasters with technology, shopping, interactions with people, and just being alive on the planet. I try to poke a little fun at life’s strange moments and a lot of fun at myself. If you feel like smiling (and hopefully laughing) a little at my accounts of things like swinging on a monkey vine that breaks, or locking myself out of my keyless car, or thinking I saw a rhino run through my back yard – then this is a blog for you.

            Thanks for reading my thoughts and leaving comments if you like. I find humor in things that happen to people like me. My idea of an adventure is eating a root beer float and not dripping half of it down my shirt. I have three pets and a son that I love (not in that order) and a husband who routinely rescues me from my own foibles (and from spiders, frogs, and snakes).  I hope that this blog brightens your day, even if just for a minute. Writing it certainly brightens mine!

If you would like to comment, please email me at suecurtis9@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!