Last week, I had an incident at home, and one to which I was very, very happy had no witnesses. I had found these dark chocolate wafers at the grocery a few months back. You melt them in the microwave, and they are perfect for dipping fruit. They actually harden on the fruit – like a dipped cone – and taste wonderful. Best of all, they are very low in carbs, so they fit my 2020 diet plan really nicely.

               I had a little box of blueberries in the fridge. So that morning after my hubby went off to work, I melted those wafers, got out the blueberries and enjoyed a breakfast that was not only healthy, but also very tasty.

               Then I went out to weed and water the vegetable and flower gardens. This tasks takes about an  hour, especially if the weeding is prolonged. I was hot and tired and came in after my workout to take a shower. Standing in the bathroom, at first I thought I had smeared garden dirt all over my chin. Closer inspection in the mirror revealed that it was not dirt…it was drops of hardened chocolate creating a goatee of color on my pale face. How absolutely appalling!  I was certainly grateful that no one had seen me, but honestly, have I now reached an age at which I don’t feel food on my chin?  Even hardened drips of chocolate?  

               So, there’s a bit of a controversy lately over the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of a nasty virus that’s killing a lot of us, and making a lot more of us ill.  Okay, I’m not wild about controversy. But my story of the chocolate chin has nothing – and everything – to do with wearing a mask.

               Because it occurred to me that wearing a mask has several advantages, even beyond the obvious one of protecting people from deadly disease. 

               First of all, I’ve been wearing a mask in public since early March.  This means I have not worn lipstick, blush, or foundation for over four months. Do you know how much money that has saved me? These make-up items are pretty expensive and you have to replace them when they run out. I’ve had no make-up, save a little mascara, on my face for months!  Hooray!  I’m estimating a savings of close to sixty bucks, just from wearing a mask. Also, the mask helps keep that double chin tucked up. The creams and lotions that supposedly tighten your skin, especially under the chin area, are really exorbitant!  I’ve saved another sixty bucks on those things, too.

               Second benefit?  No gum or breath mints needed. I always dreaded meeting people for lunch and then walking around wondering if my breath smelled like coffee, or onions, or something worse.  Same for dinner dates.  Now?  Just pop on that mask and don’t worry. I like to wash my masks with a little scented oil, too. That means that the aroma emanating from me after onion rings and garlic mashed potatoes is a little light lavender.

               There’s a fourth benefit, too.  People drive through the intersection right before you’re about to step out?  People litter in front of you on the sidewalk?  People use foul language in front of children in public?  Now you can whisper some sarcastic comment or tell them off, but they won’t see your lips move or know you’re zinging them!  It’s a great way to keep animosity at a low level, and honestly, we really could profit from less animosity these days!

               Finally, the best reason of all.  If you drip chocolate, or anything else (salsa comes to mind) on your chin, you are not going to embarrass yourself when you go outside.  Just put that little mask on your face and roll on with your day.

               Honestly, there are just no reasons not to wear a mask. And many, many reasons it will help us all stay safe, feel better, and look better.